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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  October 27, 2012 8:30pm-9:30pm EDT

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>> we have been talking to steven frantzich and this is his newest book, "o.o.p.s." observing our politicians stumble. this is booktv on c-span.
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is. [applause] >> thank you david for ringing ancient history. elbow, elbow, wrist, rest, rest. that is the key. that is trivial information and just forget it when you go out the door. at such an honor to be here. having been an actress i am a recovered actress now in my right mind and my left brain but having been there for a long time i appreciate the wednesday morning club and all that they have done to create a first away sis in the desert that is hollywood so thank you for that, david. [applause] we also deeply appreciate all the amazing work that david david and david you are magnificent recently on how the news channels exposing the travesty of the current administration's policy leading up to libya and since then and i want to personally say thank you for being a fierce champion of liberty. thank you.
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[applause] it's also a great restoration weekend and if you have not been, please get the pamphlet out there. we had the opportunity to go last year. my husband and i screened our famine we railed to be there and it was phenomenal and in opportunity for liberty lovers to hear the most amazing people sound the clarion call. we will be celebrating together and raising a glass post election so i want to see you guys there. there. be sure to join us. [applause] last year we had the wonderful opportunity of hearing ann coulter's speech and when i think of ann i think of their research my partner and i did before we got ready for a radio show and a company and we examine the phenomenon which really is the renaissance of the conservative woman. conservative woman today are more informed, more engaged, more articulate than ever before in best of all they are irritating the left more than ever before.
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[applause] when it comes to that particular sport of exactly spreading liberals there is no one better than ann coulter. got to love it. [applause] my husband i did a brief stint with the world wrestling federation. there's a particular metaphor that comes to mind when you watch ann and that is the wwf smack-down. that is really what it is. all you have to do is look at all the cases from matt lauer, katie couric, keith olbermann, cheech and chong and now i do have to say she could hold her punches with zhou we say substance using challengers in that case but george stephanopoulos, al sharpton in the list goes on and on and so david said my favor was the most recent one on the view. now i have to say for wwf that was an unfair matchup because ann was all by yourself and there were only four of them opposing her. they were outnumbered. it was wonderful.
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the last example to show that there were a few verbal debates that deserve to be pay-per-view event. i can think of a few. last week's debate between governor romney and the president, you enjoyed that one. that one was the awesome. [applause] tonight's debate between congressman paul ryan and vice president joe biden, that should be a lot of fun. and i would have to say this ann coulter versus whoopi goldberg. i do have to say that was an extremely one-sided in every definition of the term because they would have to bleep out every response just like they did on the view so that would be unfair. what ann is really one word, courageous, truly courageous. [applause] she is willing to use her amazing satirical way to highlight the most important issues of our day. and go describes herself as a
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polemicist who like sister the pot and does not pretend to be impartial or balanced as our broadcasters do. that is a perfect way to describe it and she is a lawyer. she graduated with honors from cornell university and she is also graduate of the university of michigan loft school and syndicated columnist, author of eight "new york times" bestsellers which once again confirms the ladies of the view are the only ones who have not read her book. they can comment on her book. the latest book, "mugged" racial demagoguery from the seventies to obama is incredibly insightful and i encourage everyone the the to read it. personally have to say after reading it i felt so liberated and i'm just going to go ahead and get rid of all of the secret coded racial words and here it goes. chicago, constitution, experience, holding down the fort, professor, and kitchen cabinet in my personal favorite is the mother, peanut butter.
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also community organizers, black holes, apartments and shares all racially coded words. now that i'm on a roll and i know this is a friendly crowd i'm going to go ahead and say the most recent statement that is deemed to be so by the current view out there. here it goes and if you're sensitive please forgive me because racist comments, i'm not voting for president obama. [applause] i had to get it off my chest. i feel a lot better. all joking aside, we live in an upside down world where saying harmless words like that can bear huge attacks from the other side and yet, the other side can say very toxic comments without any repercussions under the same standard. one example is dr. mark lamont hill. he takes on columbus to
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shakespeare. and in our current climate is the only thing worse than a white spur can -- person speaking those words is a black person as that's out of line. all you have to do is look at stacy -- and thank you ann coulter for standing up for her so valiantly. we really appreciate that. [applause] it would be funny and even absurd if it wasn't so wrong and that is the truth. as frederick douglass says liberty is meaningless when the right to utter one's opinion has ceased to exist. ann coulter is not just a champion of freedom of speech. she practices it feverishly every single day and i will leave you with us. i think the most accurate comment about ann's book came from "the american spectator." "mugged" is not just a book, it's a public service. i agree with that wholeheartedly.
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[applause] i would take that kind of public service over a community organizer and a day. please join me in welcoming ann coulter. [applause] [applause] >> thank you. thank you. i hope this won't be like chris christie of the convention where he got a much bigger welcome than an ex. i came back to the responsible choice, and mitt romney and i'm hoping my introduction is not going to be longer than my speech. acus i'm going to try something all-new. i always worked very hard on my speeches and i write them all out, rearrange them and make
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sure they flow properly and make sure there are no jokes in them and then memorize them. i have no speech for this because i'm on a book tour but i wrote a book so i know how it goes. [laughter] and i thought i could just describe it to you and by the way i wish you had not reminded liberals that many of us don't think they have done so well in trying to anathematize because more than any book i've ever written by have never had a book so ignored by the mainstream media. one thing i have changed my mind about, i have always maintained ferociously that liberals cannot learn. they can't learn that if you cut back and you get more revenue and they can't learn it doesn't work so they coddled but apparently they can learn that if they attack ann coulter she can sell more books.
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i love those gals on the view and i wanted to kick everyone of them before i left. will i realize people who familiar with the actual history of civil rights in america who read my book notice that they haven't read the book but that was great because they believe everything "the new york times" believes that "the new york times" doesn't argue with me. at least the gals on the few would argue with me. the one sentence summary of my book is, white skills have never produced anything good and don't make the same mistake again america. that is why it hasn't come out before the election. hits a book about racism and to my critics chagrin i am against it. [laughter] liberals have been the primary practitioners of it and i start with the golden age of racial demagoguery in the 70's and 80s when every police shooting of a black kid would be the next
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mattel case and that is how what was treated in the media. suddenly the klan has taken over new york city police force. there are vignettes of various race hoaxes and much like the trayvon martin case, they all just disappear once the facts came out. you would never guess that this final article. attention readers, the story you have been hysterical about for the past three months, it turns out it was a hoax. you would know that actually the black kid was mucking the cop or the black people did ambush and kill a cop only because the stories would disappear from the news. one of the best ones was michael stewart. he came to be called artist because he was caught spraying graffiti in the subway. it's a good dozen cops to subdue
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him and they get him to the hospital a few weeks later he is in a coma and the the he dies of pneumonia. he died as a result of police brutality by the medical examiner saying the opposite. the cops are put on trial for manslaughter and they are acquitted in "the new york times" editorial the next day was, remembering michael and complaining that no justice could be done in this case. now flash to the open bomb case jammed up by him and others al sharpton who had many cameo appearances in my book. i had forgotten all the stuff he was involved in. nelson was put on trial for the murder of rosenbaum and a history of visiting student at the hasidic parade in crown heights and in the midst of it nelson is caught with a bloody knife. he was seen running away from
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where rosenbaum was laying and dying. they bring nelson over and the dying man identifies nelson as the one they stabbed him and later in the police station nelson confesses to the crime. a mostly black jury acquits nelson of the crime and "the new york times" editorial the next day was, we will never know who killed nelson. this is a sort of thing we went through the through the 70's and 80s and the arc of my book, the exciting middle part is when it all changed overnight with the oj verdict at 10:03 october 3, 1995 when white america saw a majority black jury acquits a manifested guilty black celebrity and blacks across america cheered that verdict. america said that's it, the -- is shut down. it just happened overnight. [applause] and it was not only a wonderful
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thing that happened to discourse in america and to race relations in america, was a wonderful thing that happened to black people. suddenly al sharpton and jesse jackson were not the sole black spokesman. suddenly republican policies that have been pushed by republicans for years, welfare reform, law and order policies, but they were demagogue is racist, racist, racist. when nixon says law and order we know what is really talking about. instituted by bye bye reagan-bush judges and rudy giuliani, bless his soul from new york city, tens of thousands of black lives were saved. when welfare was finally reformed tens of thousands of black lives were saved in a different way. welfare was so successful in law and order bills were so successful they were claiming credit for both. so we had 12 years of paradise within the chapter, post-o.j.
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paradise and many wonderful things that happened. most of all people were not walking on egg shells anymore. add to the list of words you just mentioned. people would worry about that you would innocently say a word and it he would ruin your career and you would be hated by all of humankind. that was over after oj and a lot of the change after oj was very subtle but it was a wonderful thing that happened for race relations in america. that faded, it happened a long time ago and along comes barack obama the most liberal candidate on a major party ticket in the nation's history. so it's a 244 liberals. they get a liberal president and they can give him credit. -- said they are in heaven. now with obama it's come right back again. we are all walking on eggshells again. not very delicately on those eggshells.
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like my introduction. [laughter] i am going to it debate party tonight. the host called it racist pizza debate party because he's having it in his fifth apartment. it's an apartment. maybe it's not being taken quite as seriously but it did work in 2000. more white people voted for barack obama 2008 than voted for any democratic candidate for president in nearly 40 years. tied with clinton and incumbent in 1996 and look at the wonders that produce. it produces disaster as it did nric city and it has with barack obama. you can see in last week's debate, that was the first objective thing obama has. for four years he has been coddled by the media. i mean i guess he faced sort of
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a tough opponent with hillary and linton but who is she? she is the wife of an impeached ex-president and that is how she made her name. still, she was better than john mccain. and you know in the hillary obama debate, the questions going question's going to obama were so thoughtful saturday night live did a sketch on it with hillary being asked these incredibly intricate, complicated policy questions and then the moderator asking obama if he would like another pillow. [laughter] and that was a fair summary and the stunning thing of last week's debate was and how poorly obama did. he is as good as he ever was. [applause] if john mccain had been on the stage with him, we would be the ones -- [inaudible]
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that is how magnificent mitt romney was in was the first time obama had to face a tough opponent, the first time. his whole life he has been, as he says, make any fast moves and he looked home and why people will love you. by his own account he was smoking pot at occidental university not particularly applying himself and manages to transfer to one of the premier universities and america, colombia and from there he rockets to harvard law school and president of "the harvard law review." he had been president of -- for two weeks and he winds the nobel peace prize? this was the first test he faced and he didn't do so well, did he? you see it with stacey dash. is as deaf as i wrote in my column this week, they spend so much time funding over entities like eugene robinson and maya angelou and barack and michelle
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obama that they restore their psychological equilibrium. they are burning with words and it all comes dumping down on clarence thomas and allen westin now stacey dash. there is nothing braver in the world than a black conservative. [applause] black people agree with us on a lot of policies but they get harangued and republicans racist, racist, racist wide at the end of the book i run through drew republican history. democrats have something to be ashamed of which is why they switch sides. entries and i tell the story of joe mccarthy and their liberals only had to rewrite five years of history and here they have rewritten 200 years of history. for the first 100 years liberals
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were -- liberal democrats refuse to treat blacks like humans and for the next century they refuse to treat them like adults. and that is what we are living with now. they have switched their own history and played these games of oh i know, you poor irish cop living in queens, i will be a civil rights champion. so we get all this faith-based bravery and we are right back with liberals pretending to care about why people for five minutes and then they started slapping a civil rights label on everything they cared about. homeless rights, gay marriage and voter fraud, voter fraud. what does that have to do with black people? they are willing to slander blacks by saying that black people are too -- to get a voter i.d.. vote fraud.
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so that is the art, that is a summary and i hope some of you heavily started so i can start taking questions from the audience now. [applause] >> c-span is taping the land so if you have questions i will ask you to line up behind his microphone so that everything is recorded. thank you. >> hello. first of all, thank you so much. you are the one i admire the most. [inaudible] >> thank you. >> after the obama election in one of your articles you said that if we were monitoring a third world country and there is a 10-point spread between exit polls and the election results
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we would be sure that there was fraud and apparently that was attacked but now i just read that because of the amazing expense that all the major news outlets are no longer doing -- [inaudible] >> well, i'm so disappointed because they have been so accurate in the past. i mean the one thing, it finally occurred to me. i was making this point on hannity the other night. polls have often been wrong and they have never been wrong in our direction, never. i mean you have the bradley effect from here in los angeles when tom bradley one time mayor of los angeles was running for re-election. he was way out ahead of the polls. he had truman dewey pen lines the next they were it said bradley had won the election based on the polls and the early returns and then it turned out no, he had lost. the same thing happened to doug
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wilder of virginia, david dinkins in new york and even when they won they pulled the actual results on election day and the polls came back and said they had a good excuse. people are lying to us because they don't want to tell us. by the way if there is ever an election that has the bradley effect operating this would be it. somebody called in and said from michigan, he brought, romney yarn side and -- yard sign and his wife city can put that up. people will think we are racist. that is what the argument is. we must purge our white guilt by reelecting a competent white president. in the exit polls in 2004, and don't know if you remember that. i certainly do. by 3:00 p.m. they assured that kerry had won in a landslide. always the most accurate polls, he turned on the tv and all the
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conservatives on tv looked like their dog had died. liberals giggling and happy. i knew it didn't come out that way. in new hampshire, i don't need to run through all of them but bob smith was supposed to -- haranguing him telling him you have got to secede. they finish counting the votes and he had not lost but the polls were wrong again. when have the polls ever mistakenly said the republican is winning? [laughter] i am not much worried about the exit polls. >> at the imminent that the 10-point spread was in our favor. you are saying the 10-point spread in the 2000 election was in there favor? >> i do remember the column you are talking about. in fact i'm suspicious. [laughter] >> and company in light of yesterday's oral argument by the supreme court at the university
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of texas case what do you think is the possibility and probability of ending a firm and of action? >> well i hope very good. my law firm. the case against the university of michigan undergrad and law school my alma mater. it was the center for individual rights and we brought that a kitchen -- original case 10 years ago and we lost against the undergrads because of sandra day o'connor who said we need 25 more years of affirmative action so now we have constitutional -- with expiration dates. there is an interesting book called mismatch by two liberals making the argument with empirical evidence that affirmative action has been harmful to black people. what a surprise. liberals try to help ruin black people's lives. that is the story in my book and their argument is if it's a
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little bit of affirmative action not so bad that when you're elevating people to schools that they are not ready for and where everyone else has higher scores, they get discouraged and depressed and they drop out and take easy subjects. one-way liberals have brushed the sad result of affirmative action under the rug is by all these black study courses which have pushed them off into this and how did do they cover the failure of the public schools? affirmative action. i've been idea, let's deal with the public schools and i suppose i should say whether or not i have always thought it was a mistake to make this argument so the empirical evidence is interesting but i don't care with it but the beneficiary is race discrimination are not. it's unconstitutional. where republicans and we do not believe in race discrimination. we fought a civil war to stop
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race discrimination and unlike some supreme court opinions, i think the way to get past race discrimination is not to discriminate. [applause] i think the way to get past race discrimination is to stop discriminating on the basis of race. but is an example of all liberal feel-good policies. they feel so good about themselves and of course it hurts black people who fall farther and farther behind. >> and company thank you. i have a son who if he messes up his room he does not give ice cream. how did we evolve into a culture that rewards bad behavior because all you get is more and everybody knows -- at three years old.
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>> that is a beautiful summary of the first part of my book about the golden age of racial demagoguery. all of the worst behavior, the criminal behavior and the cop killers, they were the ones who are celebrated and it's so earthy and they are angry at society. meanwhile, we learn the stories of a lot of heroic black people, julie brave people, fighting with whoopi goldberg takes no courage. testifying against the black cop killer in your neighborhood, it and instantly having to go into the witness protection program, that takes courage and why aren't those people celebrated? there was from the l.a. riot, there was a black minister who was a christian minister. he saw what was going on tv and went running out and saw a hispanic man about to be beaten to death. they painted his black and were filming him and making fun of him and the minister is yelling
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at in this case black thug about to kill the hispanic and threw himself on the body of a hispanic man and said if you are going to kill him you will have to kill me first so he saved a man's life. heat they became good friends. a whistle a church downtown here that i would like to go to infect. that is a hero. we do not have hollywood movies about the black heroes. [applause] what liberals celebrate are the cop killers. you had maxine roberts defending the man. how about the black people who saved danny's life? that is a pretty heroic story. we don't get their stories and exactly what you say about children is much like everybody gets an a and everybody gets a trophy. no matter how bad the behavior was, "the new york times" would be defending it in the editorial in "the new york times" would be saying now we will never know
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who killed rosenbaum. they would be defending the most array to save your and the final step was the oj verdict. a majority black jury could say no it's okay for a black celebrity to nearly cut his ex-wife's head off and kill ron goldman and they expected to have all these. by the way the newspapers did make all those excuses. ..
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>> welcome to beverly hills. i made governing board member of the lausd i came in first and never hid my registration. there is no. and the proud registered republican is running again. when i came to the school district beverly hills unified in bid did
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conservative values and accountability, no kool-aid drink gain and trophies and kids behave. they are well mannered and they show up to five we don't have people cursing at teachers. what i learned is what a difference it can make when there is leadership. andrew breitbart to may he rest in peace everything is from culture that is created from the media print and radio and tv. ec of fox news and talk radio has done. why aren't we getting together to buy media? if you change california
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sacramento was broken in. with every single tax. [applause] citic this crowd is not need to be reminded. [laughter] but the tax is there bowed against every single one. the last thing sacramento needs lose more money like giving heroin to a junkie. >> how do we by media? >> of also like to comment on the public-school to produce useful one's. liberal send their kids to the lily white private schools. but who always fights the
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vouchers to the and a male? al gore was asked in harlem when he was running for president because he was the democrat won a black reporter said if you are so big on public-school is not having vouchers why your kids go to private schools? typical move he got angry and said don't bring my children into this. wait a second. [laughter] not so fast. it is a great idea for conservative billionaires' i love fox news but why is that the only game in town? ten times the ratings but it has not occurred to cnn and msnbc they have higher ratings maybe we should try to be fair and balanced. [laughter] that seems popular.
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by the way a small point*, i am doing piers morgan and nephew weeks. i said i have been avoiding it because the tapes and edits before it goes to air. i wanted done to be live. that is all ask not my snotty remarks to go back at him. >> when example i was out here one month ago more than an hour chit chatting with ted koppel. yes, he is still alive. [laughter] we were arguing the entire time. finally i said you'd just a guess 302nd clip and take it out of context. don't you have enough? he said yes. but we are arguing about my
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position for i have never worked for fox news. i have been on there the only one i have worked for is msnbc. [laughter] i was dating a factual matter if you want both sides of an issue you watch fox news. i watch msnbc for fun. but to know what is going on i go to fox. one example if you watch msnbc right now you might miss the story of our ambassador being killed. they think it is a game changing gaf by mitt romney but you do not know about obama's speech before the wind. allot you don't know. i was citing the caliber of the liberals.
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former vice presidential candidate and for the democratic party. bob beckel but he ran the mondale campaign. susan estrich ran dead dukakis campaign, what williams. there are liberals but as smart as they come. [laughter] [applause] it is the best that liberalism has to offer they sean msnbc the functional retards and then as i said only sean hannity. this made ted explode and he cites the bill o'reilly. he is middle-of-the-road party believes in gun-control, he loves obama
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and ted koppel got testy with me. he is not opinionated? i said yes. the buster list america. [laughter] he would agree with me on all of that. [laughter] so then it runs and they have a horrible clip of zero release screaming at some guests. then ted koppel but an coulter says he is not partisan the nav. that is exactly the opposite. it gets to the point* they will take good clip of you say yes then answer the question are you a child molester? [laughter] that is why do mitt romney would shine in these debates. you rarely see him drought talking directly.
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it is a very narrow clipper they will not show you that. he just says 47% of the country are scumbags. could you show me the clip of that? could i see him saying that? once people see him on their own, i notice this on the road. my friends would call me depending on when they saw net romney give the speech. every time different people would say that is the best speech he has ever given. the would speak like that from the beginning i would support him. i said he has been. you are not watching. [laughter] i am rambling. sorry. [laughter] >> thank you for all the great work that you do to help educate america. my wishes only every liberal was required to hear you or
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read your books. >> contribute to why af we are often the only conservatives that college kids will hear in four years at college. at syracuse a couple years ago when told me about everything happening in a green party meeting. i said are you able? how you know, ? he said i used to be a green. what are you doing a of the republican club? he said you spoke year after 9/11 and nobody else made sense. so i became a republican and [applause] there's a reason they don't college students to hear me. >> that leads into my question. i am surrounded by so many liberals that formed their opinion on only half of the
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information. try listening to fox news or and -- down hall or ann coulter. how do steer them to listen that is not just liberal based? why can't the republicans do a better job to explain conservative values? what can be done about it? >> as far as liberals to unplug their years that is a challenge. when he moved in one year-ago every single one was a liberal he has now proudly announced everyone is a republican and watching fox news. [laughter]
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just keep after them and slowly break down. once you pullout one cared usual house of cards collapses. as i wrote in slander they only have two responses. you are stupid or crazy. thank you. you cannot call me stupid. [laughter] >> that is why love our presidential ticket i love their etfs especially elected politicians and a realize for the first time i have not wash republican candidate speak for crowd i
9:13 pm
will just sit back and enjoy. part of it is what they choose to put on tv. we do have a fair number of particular it conservatives. but in general they are not invited on hardball. but ron christie is the only one chris matthews is so stupid he does not realize ron christie's is running circles around him. >> one thing i have noticed every other election they have the john kerry of our
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obama of bumper sticker or they would have lonesome i know i could drive just a few bumper stickers, there is no houses that have the lonesome nine. what does this mean? fifty-five i would like to think they would be tired of hearing the car is key dam would retaliate. [laughter] by suspect that is not the answer. probably less support although they are not willing to say it. who would put the obama's sign on this launch? [laughter] if that would be like a dukakis sign. okay you are happy you
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nearly wrecked the country. give better grasp. our side did it because the signs were torn down. >> hello. i love your passion and honesty. david, i admirer him so deeply. mainly for the issue to go to the campus to take them on right there. i was a student in 1965 i was drawn by the liberal democrats to help take care of people. after hearing that clarence thomas hearings i switched to republican. >> that is great.
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>> after their inability to prosecute clinton all the way i left them to become the independent and that is the best place i could find. i loved what you said about the courage of the black conservative for us subjects i have been drawn to from the very beginning. it was in my heart as a student i was in the march 2 montgomery where all got started. >> is this leading to a question? i am waiting for the question mark. [laughter] i want you to comment on thomas all. [applause] -- domicile. >> he is the greatest living
9:17 pm
human. the reason my dedication is a crackerjack. the book is dedicated to the freest black man of america. that is one black man saying that about another. it is not thomas sowell but people thought it was and i like that. with the college speeches we have to get rid of the obama but college liberals don't have a chance they're all kinds of chance for bush's a drag now they are discouraged they don't know there slobodan. [laughter] get romney. the protesters will come back. we will have a good time. [laughter] also with affirmative-action
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wanting to do something clarence thomas has a beautiful quote quoting frederick douglass. it is not memorize but it him talking to abolitionist to say you always wonder what you will do with us. nothing. you have caused enough trouble. please just leave us alone. lettuce stand on a onto feet. please stop dealing with the spirit of he was right. the black marriage rates were higher than whites not until the great society program kicked and for the suitable home requirement was removed suddenly destroyed the black family
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coming out of their rural south meeting to go through the experience there were zero redoing better. everything they had done allegedly to help black people it was pushed on another cause and it caused an unimaginable misery of fellow black americans something that we should care about. do not let them get away with this anymore. [applause] >> thank you so much for being here. i am glad he made the choice to come. i am very, very concerned about the integrity and honesty of the electoral system. i don't want to find out somebody one because they
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found thousands of balance in somebody's trunk again. what are we doing to make assure to keep the election in august? please be specific. [laughter] >> i feel like i am in the town hall debates. [laughter] i have some predictions on that. i doubt no. i don't think you have to worry about it in california. he will not win here but held about any groups of the swing states i know what of people are concerned. republicans have to win decisively or the democrats will steal it. now they pull out the have
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begun to say it is recessed for erases? to make sure people better voting are eligible. that shows how nervous they are. they think you will back down. i say it is racist and only black people are too stupid to get a photo id. that is racist. thank you. thank you for coming today. [applause] >> booktv attends the book party for and coal tears book "mugged" racial demagoguery from the seventies to obama" she signs books here in washington. this is about 20 minutes. hello. thank you for coming. >> thanks for writing the book. nice to meet you. hello. gary johnson? no, no, no. after wednesday night you
9:22 pm
have to be romney girl. aren't you glad i am not blaming you? >> it is rude to look at your watch in the middle of an interview. it is like half an hour wait. do you know, brian? his the producer's. >> capt. seeing you saying why didn't you have me on? are we on? that is great. i will be in new york. i will see you later. that was good. have you read it? >> no. you send it to us. >> i know. >> it is that crackerjack surprise. >> shia's your husband read
9:23 pm
it? >> no. we have been busy. leave him alone. [laughter] >> he changed his e-mail address on may by the way. >> i don't know yours list. >> both of you change jurors to change your address on the. >> i did not plan to say anything but since i am late my publisher/editor said it would be polite for me to say something for our 12 say it is all his faults i am late. it is not my fault. thank you for coming tonight since you not see this book in any of the mainstream media except the view. i love those ladies. [laughter] there really do love them because everything they say is believed by "the new york times" but it is too chicken to argue with me.
9:24 pm
without sounding like paranoia i never had a book as ignored as a this book. my first book i did a series of mourning interviews. they will not even attack me when i am not there which is what they usually do. they do not want you to read. it is an emergency book going through a brief history of racial demagoguery from the left to point* out that only produces disaster disaster, heartbreak, crime, death, a disaster for america and black people. so don't fall for white guilt again. the last time you fell four was 2,008 and look what that produced. [laughter] not again. don't make this a mistake and it is a fun book to read
9:25 pm
because most of it is stories you have never read the four. thank you. i will sign your book now. [applause] is the issuer is? >> it is mine. >> are you leaving? >> i have to. >> it is your fault we did not get to mingle. >> after go back to washington d.c.. that is all i am getting from you? [laughter] i was just telling my friend who i tell the of lipper snappers if you hang on his every word he influenced reagan did you do not even care about that. and we also always agree.
9:26 pm
it's like my whole support for chris christie was like running off with a biker. >> he is carrying on. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] figure for coming. good to see you. >> hello. >> a gave me the communist manifesto i gave him your book. >> another one demonic?
9:27 pm
17? he did get through "50 shades of grey". [laughter] i am working on him. >> my name is randall. this is a fun book. i think it is more personal to have the first name. >> i agree. we are all friends. they give.
9:28 pm
come to the dark side. [laughter] thank you. >> what a pleasure. i am john breaux we came from new york. >> thank you. thank you. bless you. you married a good woman. >> angela could not be here because she is opening her shop. >> i hope we repeal obamacare for her. >> you married into the family. >> that only had to correct the the history of five years but this corrects the
9:29 pm
history of 200 years of liberal rewrite. >> what a pleasure. >> thank you it so much. hello. >> [inaudible] >> how do you know, kelly? [inaudible] you are here in washington d.c.? >> he is my favorite surgeon nice to meet you.


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